List Of Non-Perishable Food You Can Buy For Food Storage

Non-Perishable Food

A disaster can happen at any time , whether natural or man made . In the event of a major catastrophe happens , you can not have access to fresh food or water for days or weeks. If you purchase non-perishable food every time you go to the supermarket , avoid the frenzied crowds at the store when an emergency arises . Purchase food dehydrator and make your own dry food.


pasta 3Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, important nutrients that provide energy to your body . Prepackaged Pasta is cheap and lasts a long time , being a good non-perishable food to store .

Beans and lentils

Dried beans provide us with the necessary proteins and have a long life. There are a variety of beans available from which you can choose , such as blacks, pintos , reds and black-eyed peas . You can add rice for a healthy meal that fills . Peas are high in fiber , in addition to many proteins .

Grain products

Oatmeal , rice, and wheat germ are good foods to store . High in fiber , complex carbohydrates and other nutrients , can give a feeling of fullness as you provide the necessary nutrition .

Dried Meat

Dehydrated meats are the best source of protein in a non- perishable you can get . You can eat them as they are or add water to soften in order to add them to soups .

Dried Fruit

Glogg Swedish mulled wineThe dried bananas can last up to a year and provide a large amount of potassium . Dried apricots , grapes and other fruits will give you the sweetness you may want while satisfy the hunger .

Canned Food

Canned foods take up little space and can last many years if properly stored or, you could make your soup fresh by ordering Grocery delivery to your door and trying your own recipes. Buy a supply of soups , vegetables and meats , like tuna to have a huge variety of canned goods in case you need them. Throw the cans for rust or dents. Nuts canned or vacuum packed are also a good food for supervenience and depending on the type , satisfy a variety of nutritional needs.

Frozen Dried Food

Dehydrated foods frozen last longer and take up the least amount of space. They are good if you go camping and do not want to cook or if the disaster is long term and you have left little food. You can find these types of items for survival in military stores and camping .

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